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I submitted for a form with you a few weeks ago and I haven't heard anything?
It can sometimes take us a few weeks to receive and process your pension trace request. We can check the progress of your case at any time. Feel free to give us a call on 01772 804 404 if you would like an update on your progress.
You have sent me an email about my pension review being ready?
Great, we have now received all of the details regarding your pension and are ready to arrange a call with one of our pension advisers. You can self book your appointment using the email link or contact us to arrange this over the phone.
You have asked me for some information on my pension?
We need all the detail on your current pension(s) so we can impartially review them against other pensions available. We do however contact your pension provider directly, but the more information you can share the better.
Why has my provider sent out transfer documents?
Some pension providers send out these documents as part of their process when they receive the Letter of Authority. Here at Profile, we will not transfer your pension without having your permission either verbally or in writing after you have had a pension review with our pension adviser. If we need you to return these forms, your Pension Adviser will explain this and we will arrange a courier to collect them from you.
What information do you need on these forms?
While we try to only ask for the minimum information from you, the more you can provide the better. Your Pension Adviser can help you with this.
Where did you get my details from?
In the past, you will have opted in to receive marketing correspondence. We get our data from reputable third-party data suppliers, who supply us with data about people who they understand fall within our target audience. You are welcome to contact us to find out which supplier holds your details by emailing your request to [email protected] or calling us on 01772 804 404. We can then inform you how you can remove yourself from the relevant suppliers database, or alternatively we can remove you from our database which means you will never be contacted by us (but only us) again.
How long will my Tax-Free Cash take?
Each provider is different. We can give you a rough idea of service level agreements for your individual provider when we help you with this and we can check the progress of your case at any time.
My provider has said that I need to speak to you about taking my 25% tax free cash?
It is best to speak to one of our pension advisers to ensure that taking your tax-free cash is the best option for you.
Why have you sent me HMRC forms?
We wanted to give you the opportunity to see if you did contract out of your state pension or have a pension which you would like help with, and if so, put you back in touch and give you advice and guidance on the best options for you moving forward.
Do you charge a fee?
We only charge a fee if you decide to take our advice and move your pension. We only recommend this if it is in your best interest and we will make sure this is cost effective for you taking any charges into account. Please refer to our \'What it Costs\' page for a comprehensive outline of all of our fees.
What happens if you trace my pension?
We will share the details with you and offer you the chance to review your pensions against the whole market to ensure you have the best possible pension deal. Please refer to our \'Pension Tracing\' page for more information on how our pension tracing service works.
Can I claim my SERPS pension money back?
We aim to put our customer back in contact with all SERPS pensions they have lost track of.
Can I trace a pension for a deceased relative?
Not with us I am afraid.
How long does the process take?
It differs depending on which pension provider your pension is with but to trace a pension it takes on average 6 weeks. As we are dependant on providers getting back to us, the pension review can take an average of a further 8 weeks, however we will manage your expectations as best we can. You can contact us at any time for an update.
How do I fill in my nomination form?
We can talk you though this over the phone as each pension provider is different but it is important that you do this.
How long will it take to transfer my pension and why?
If you decide you want to transfer your existing pension to a different provider following your advice call, it can take an average of 4 weeks. However, some pension providers are slower than others when completing this process. Again, you can contact us at any time for an update.
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